Supporting Hadza to engage in modern beekeeping.

In order to improve the Hadza livelihood and enable them to survive through the 21st Century, Savannah Vision Tanzania wants to empower Hadza community to engage in sustainable modern beekeeping projects at the household level. Beekeeping activities will be compatible with their cultural life and ecosystem.

Savannah Vision Tanzania will provide modern beehives to households, centrifuge machines to process the honey, and look for markets to sell their Honey and beeswax. Savannah Vision Tanzania will also provide the necessary technical training for modern beekeeping and processing of bee products. It will facilitate and enable extension service through the government department of natural resources and wildlife management.

To make this project successful Savannah Vision Tanzania wants to raise USD 10,000 annually for the purchase of beehives, and centrifuge machines and to do the technical training, continuous extension services, and marketing of the produced honey and beeswax.

This project will adhere to high environmental standards to avoid damage to the ecosystem and its biodiversity. At the same time ensure that the honey produced is of high quality and can sale as an organic product in the world market.