Who We Are

Savannah Vision Tanzania (SVTa) is a non-governmental organization founded on May 11, 2022, with registration number 00NGO/R/3252.

SVTa aims to be a leading non-governmental organization in Tanzania, focusing on helping marginalized communities in areas such as quality education, economic empowerment, and terrestrial ecosystem management. At each level, SVTa collaborates with Tanzanian communities, particularly the marginalized, to develop and deliver innovative solutions that empower them and ensure sustainable ecosystem management.

Who We Are

SVTa works towards improving local communities’ livelihoods, conserving natural resources in their ecosystems,

restoring degraded land, combating desertification, and protecting biological resources at both local and national levels.

Funding for projects under SVTa comes from donors and other sources.

The organization promotes innovation and renovation through partnerships with the government, local communities, industries, scientists, institutions, organizations, and individuals.

Who We Are

Given the increasing demand for environmental services and the declining quality of the natural environment,

SVTa recognizes the need to empower marginalized communities through access to quality education, economic opportunities, and ecosystem management. Inclusive sustainable development is a priority, and SVTa seeks to contribute by including marginalized communities in development agendas. The organization is committed to working in these areas to foster inclusive sustainable development.


“Our mission is to enable marginalized communities in Tanzania to attain an improved standard of living, and high quality of their natural and human environments through short-term and long-term development interventions”.


“Our vision is to have developed sustainable societies free from poverty, illiteracy, existing sustainably with their natural ecosystems.”

Guiding Principles

To achieve this vision, we are committed to the following principles:


Demonstrating courage in our actions, supporting change, and inspiring communities to address challenges proactively.


Serving with integrity, transparency, and accountability, relying on facts and science to guide our decisions and promote continuous learning and evolution.


Honouring the contributions of stakeholders and the communities we work with, while advocating for the rights of marginalized communities for a sustainable future.


Emphasizing collaboration with stakeholders such as government, institutions, communities, and individuals who share our commitment. We value collective action and innovation as essential components of our approach.

Savannah Vision Tanzania (SVTa) History.

Savannah Vision Tanzania (SVTa) is a non-governmental organization established in May 2022 by a group of passionate individuals committed to securing funding for empowering marginalized communities in Tanzania and protecting their terrestrial ecosystems. The founders drew inspiration from the global effort to achieve sustainable and equitable development outlined in the UN SDGs. SVTa’s establishment was partly motivated by the financial challenges facing the Tanzanian government in allocating sufficient funds for development projects.

Recognizing the importance of fundraising, SVTa aims to help Tanzanian communities achieve targets for SDGs 4, 8, 15, and 17. The organization has developed a comprehensive development plan, approved by its Board of Directors, to guide its current and future engagements.

Mr. Thomas and four other founders, who signed the SVTa plan of action, are actively spreading the details of SVTa in a series of meetings. This includes choosing the name Savannah Vision Tanzania (SVTa) and adopting a logo. SVTa is focused on building a network and a database of supporters to provide financial and technical assistance.