We Help Access To Quality Education

Tanzania has made remarkable strides in achieving universal primary education, with a total enrollment rate surpassing 91 percent in 2020 and a significant reduction in the number of out-of-school children. The literacy rates have seen a notable increase, particularly with more girls attending school. However, challenges persist in communities like the Hadza, Datoga, Sandawe, and Akye, where a concerning rise in the number of out-of-school children is observed, largely attributed to high levels of poverty and emergencies.

Despite the overall progress, significant disparities still exist. While primary school enrollment increased from 52 percent in 1990 to 90 percent in 2020, children from the poorest households are up to four times more likely to be out of school than those from wealthier households. Disparities between rural and urban areas remain pronounced.

Savannah Vision Tanzania (SVTa) recognizes the importance of inclusive and quality education for sustainable development. The organization is committed to ensuring that both girls and boys receive quality primary and secondary education. SVTa also aims to facilitate equal access to affordable vocational training, eliminate gender and wealth disparities, and work towards achieving universal access to quality higher education. Through these efforts, SVTa aims to contribute to creating a more equitable and accessible education system in Tanzania.