We help marginalised communities improve their livelihood

Savannah Vision Tanzania (SVTa) acknowledges and appreciates the efforts of the United Nations and the Government of Tanzania in fostering sustainable economic development for all Tanzanians. In alignment with these initiatives, SVTa is committed to contributing by offering creative and innovative solutions, as well as building stronger community connections. The goal is to uplift the living standards of rural Tanzanians and enhance the quality of both natural and human environments.

To fulfill this commitment, SVTa aims to support key areas that will lead to improvements in the living standards of rural communities. The organization plans to empower these communities in various economic activities, including crop farming, modern beekeeping, and poultry farming. To achieve this, SVTa will promote the use of clean technology and innovations that improve how individuals utilize natural resources. Additionally, the organization seeks to increase access to clean water and initiate the removal of social barriers that hinder progress. Through these initiatives, SVTa aspires to play a significant role in fostering sustainable development and improving the well-being of rural communities in Tanzania.