Establishment of a new Model Secondary School for marginalized communities

Savannah Vision Tanzania is planning to construct a model secondary school to offer a complete secondary education to children coming from marginalized communities in Tanzania. The school will put emphasis on STEM subjects and cultural bridging studies. The main source of students for the school will be 70% from marginalized communities and 30% from the middle- and high-income classes. This school will empower the future generation of marginalized communities like the Hadza to have the knowledge and skills to survive through the 21st Century.

To enable the establishment of this school Savannah Vision Tanzania is seeking funds to cover the purchase of land for building the school, the construction of basic infrastructures (classrooms, library, laboratories, dining hall, dormitories, bathrooms, toilets, administration building, playgrounds, 3 teacher houses, and a fence), installation of water service and electricity, purchase of text and reference books, purchase of laboratories equipment, apparatuses, and chemicals, purchase of furniture and computers, printers and photocopier.

when completed this school will offer the best environment for students to learn and develop their talents. More emphasis will be put on sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics together with cultural studies.

We are also exploring the possibility of deploying the Finish education model when the school establishment is complete. Discussion on curriculum is still going on. We, therefore, welcome ideas and support for this project.