Small scale poultry keeping projects.

Savannah Vision Tanzania wants to help the Hadza start local poultry keeping for eggs, meat, and manure at household levels. This initiative aims to improve Hadza nutrition and generate income for households. Traditionally, the Hadza have relied on hunting game animals to obtain the protein needed by households. However, this practice is currently impossible due to the destruction of the ecosystem. Environmentally invasive farming, nomadic livestock keeping, and poaching are the major causes of the drastic decline in biodiversity, including game animals.

In response to these challenges, we plan to purchase 500 poultry birds and distribute them to Hadza households. Additionally, we will support the Hadza in building poultry shelters and provide initial vaccines and drugs against poultry diseases. This holistic approach not only addresses the immediate need for nutrition and income but also contributes to the sustainable well-being of the ecosystem and biodiversity in the long run.