Domanga 17 June 2024

On 16 June 2024 a team of 3 three our three staff visited Domanga village to observe the situation of the beekeeping project at Domanga village.

The journey started at our office in Monduli very early in the morning. We arrived and stayed at Dongobesh for one day while also preparing a consignment of 13 beehives to be delivered to the Hadza community in Domnanga.

On 17, June 2024 we arrived at Domanga village and we where received by Ms. Christina Paulo (village secretary) and Mr. Benjamin (Sambega). Our carpenter Mr. Alfani (Kachala Mdigo) started assembling the beehives on the same day and completed the assembly together with painting on 17.06.2024. My daughter Sonnia did the writing on each side of the beehives.

I and Sambega visited the beekeepers and observe the progress and challenges. Almost all the installed beehives have bees and harvesting is expected to start from end of June 2024.

There are small challenges facing beekeepers mainly wasps which entered into three beehives and caused the bees to move away. The other challenge is strong wind in January which caused three beehives which where about to be harvested to fall down from the trees. The three beehives were fixed and already have bees, the hives with wasps were cleaned and hanged again, all have bees except one. We have advised them on how to solve the two challenges.

Genero, the leader of the group of Hadza based in Sengele requested us to bring beehives to his community. Also other Hadza were requesting for beehives which we still cannot meet their demand. We will continue to provide beehives and other related requirements to Hadza. Our target is to cover all Hadza households in Domanga at least each household to have 5 beehives.

We arrived safely to Monduli on 17.06.2024 at 23H46GMT. At the office we are preparing report and planing for the project especially on how to get more money for more beehives to support the Hadza communities.