Supporting Hadza Beekeepers in Domanga Village.

Executive Summary
Savannah Vision Tanzania has made significant strides in its ongoing support for the Hadza Bee-keeping Project, with pivotal visits and donations aimed at enhancing the livelihood of the Hadza community of Domanga village. This report delineates the progress, challenges, and future directions of the project, underscoring Savannah Vision Tanzania’s commitment to sustainable community development.
Project Progress and Updates
Between April 2nd and April 4th, representatives from Savannah Vision Tanzania engaged in comprehensive discussions with beekeepers in Domanga village, further extending their support through the donation of additional beehives. This initiative is part of a broader mission to empower the Hadza community through modern beekeeping practices, compatible with their cultural heritage and environmental ecosystem 1.
Status of Previously Donated Beehives
The beekeeping endeavor has shown promising outcomes, with all previously donated beehives now inhabited by bees. Despite environmental challenges, namely heavy wind causing three beehives to fall, minimal damage occurred, and the hives were promptly restored and repopulated. Beneficiaries reported successful honey harvests, averaging between 15 to 17 Kg per beehive.
Challenges Encountered
The project faced setbacks due to parasites threatening the bee populations, including dragonflies, other insects, and wasps. To address this, beekeepers have been advised on frequent hive inspections and maintenance practices to safeguard against such threats.
Community Impact and Further Donations
In a bid to proliferate the project’s benefits, Savannah Vision Tanzania extended its generosity to five additional households, bringing the total to 11 beneficiary households. This gesture was met with enthusiasm and requests for further beehive contributions.

Developments in Domanga Village
The report also highlights infrastructural and agricultural advancements within Domanga village, including the impending connection to the national grid electricity and the challenges posed by weather conditions and wildlife to local farming efforts.
Collaborative Efforts for Sustainable Development
Meetings with the village executive secretary and the District Development Director underscored a communal approach to enhancing the Hadza’s living standards and environmental stewardship. Plans for educational infrastructure development were discussed as pivotal to the community’s long-term welfare.
Savannah Vision Tanzania’s visit to Domanga village marks a continued commitment to the Hadza Bee-keeping Project, showcasing tangible progress in beekeeping initiatives, overcoming environmental challenges, and fostering community development. Through collaborative efforts with local authorities and the community, the project aims to enrich the livelihoods of the Hadza people while preserving their cultural and environmental heritage


More beehives for Hadza

We donated more beehives for Hadza. We believe that the beehives donated will add happiness to receiving households.

Meeting with Community Development Department Staff

We had a brief discussion with staff of Community Development Department at the Dongobash Council. We introduced our plan for supporting marginalized communities in the Eyasi area. The staff promised us cooperation to ensure that our collective initiatives bring the best outcomes

The Bridge at Eshikesh Broke down due to Heavy rains.

This bridge was constructed 1 year ago. The bridge is very important in connecting Domanga village by road with other areas. The bridge repair has restated. restoration of this this bridge will bring happiness to Domangans

Construction of the bridge at Eshkesh road section

Construction is ongoing at Eshikesh to improve connectivity between Domanga and other areas. This will speed up economic and social development.

Discusion with Acting Director-Dongobesh District Council

We had a very uplifting discussion with the Acting District Development Director. He promised support for our initiatives for marginalized communities

Making Beehives

In our visit to Domanga village we brought beehives to be donated to Hadza households. A total of five more households received modern beehives. The community of beekeepers has increased to 11 households. Our plan is to add more beehives and equipment.

Women are among receivers of our beehives

Among people who received beehives gender was also considered. We hope the women will make good use f their beehives.


This is one of the Hadza household farm. The sunflower plants show some signal of stress due to shortage of rainfall-mainly due to uneven distribution through time. Ntua household is a hard working household and a good example to fellow Hadza.