An expert in Active Learning Conducted Training for Educators in Monduli and Arusha Dc.

Renowned expert Ms. Judy Thompson, specializing in Active Learning, delivered a comprehensive training session for educators at Monduli Teachers Training College in Monduli and Sakura Girls Secondary School in Arusha DC on January 16 and 17.
The training sessions were attended by a diverse audience comprising tutors, teachers, and eager students. Participants were captivated by Ms. Thompson’s innovative teaching approach, which proved to be both engaging and highly effective in fostering the learning process.
A total of approximately 20 tutors, 13 teachers, and 50 students from the secondary school and college had the privilege of benefiting from Ms. Thompson’s expertise during the training sessions.
The significance of the teaching approach cannot be overstated, as it plays a pivotal role in shaping students’ comprehension of the curriculum.
Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate welcoming Ms. Thompson once more for another enlightening training session in the forthcoming year.