Pilot beekeeping project for Hadza.

Last month marked the commencement of preparations for a transformative modern beekeeping project benefiting the Hadza communities residing in the Eyasi basin. Our goal is to donate a total of 30 beehives, with 20 already completed. We anticipate completing the remaining 10 beehives, reaching our target by May 2023. However, to fully realize this project, we are seeking funds and support.

The Hadza, numbering around 1200 individuals, are considered the oldest living tribe in Tanzania. Originating from the Eyasi basin, they are among the last true hunters and gatherers globally. Dependent on collecting wild honey, gathering fruits, nuts, tubers, roots, and hunting, the Hadza face challenges as their ancestral lands are encroached upon by societies practicing farming and pastoralism.

The current difficulty in the Hadza’s livelihood arises from the scarcity of natural resources due to habitat destruction and poaching. Non-governmental organizations have played a crucial role in securing 40,000 acres of land for the Hadza’s traditional use and conservation.

Savannah Vision Tanzania is gearing up for a modern beekeeping project for the Hadza, initiating a pilot in Domanga village in June 2023. The project comprises three components: training Hadza on modern beekeeping and management, donating and installing 30 modern beehives to selected households, and implementing a robust monitoring and evaluation system. Each household will receive three beehives, and our team will provide continuous technical advice.

Our dedicated team, including a skilled carpenter, will transport and assemble the beehives in Domanga village. Additionally, we plan to procure beekeeping kits, honey harvesting suits, a centrifuge machine for honey processing, and packaging containers. The beehives and our team will travel 280 km to Domanga village to train Hadza members and provide the necessary resources.

The pilot phase’s results will inform the development of a comprehensive strategy for the project, spanning 5 and 10 years. We aim to extend support to more households by providing beehives, technical advice, and assistance in finding markets for their honey. This initiative holds the promise of significantly improving the Hadza’s livelihoods, providing both sustenance and income.

This project stems from ongoing research initiated in 2014, showcasing our commitment to creating lasting positive change in the lives of the Hadza communities. We invite you to join us in supporting this impactful venture.

For further information, please contact: Hildagarde Kiwasila – Public Relations Email: info@savannahvisiontz.org Phone: +255 746 355 981